Our geolocation data is available using RESTful API. The data is obtained using BGP data from RouteViews and RIPE RIS, Infrastructure geolocation from CAIDA Ark Traceroutes, iPlane IP to PoP mappings and RIPE OpenIPMap, IXP participation from Packet Clearing House, PeeringDB and IXP websites from January 2016. Each query returns an array of JSON objects which can be read using any standard JSON parsing library. At this point we limit query rate to only 60 queries per second.

Note that all queries to the API are logged, including source IPs.

To view results in browser you can install JSONView extension.
General format: geoinfo.bgpmon.io/DATA_DATE/QUERY/VALUE Here are the list of queries we support:
To send feedback or contribute to ASMap data please leave comments here or email:
akshah AT cs.colostate.edu
christos AT cs.colostate.edu